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OLT Software (SCM and LIM)

For an OLT upgrade process explanation, go to the OLT Firmware Upgrade Process page.

S102 Micro-Chassis

GePON Micro-Chassis

SCM-B208G [& SCM-B68G]

GPON SCM for S511 [S506] Chassis, 208Gbps [68Gbps] Backplane, 4 x XFP & 8 x SFP inputs

As of REL2.7.14 the image file may be too large for flash disks of 128MB.
To confirm the partition sizes are large enough, ensure that /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda3 are at least 24576 blocks, as below. If the partitions are not large enough, send a screenshot of the output below to Madison Technologies.

S511_GPON# &st

bash-3.2# fdisk /dev/sda

Command (m for help): p

Disk /dev/sda: 128 MB, 128450560 bytes
8 heads, 32 sectors/track, 980 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 256 * 512 = 131072 bytes

   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sda1               1         306       39152   83  Linux
/dev/sda2             307         498       24576   83  Linux
/dev/sda3             499         690       24576   83  Linux
/dev/sda4             736         980       31360    5  Extended
/dev/sda5             736         782        6000   83  Linux
/dev/sda6             783         859        9840   83  Linux
/dev/sda7             860         980       15472   83  Linux

Command (m for help): q
bash-3.2# exit


GEPON SCM, 72/24Gbps Throughput, 4 x 1000BaseTx & 4 x SFP inputs


GEPON SCM, 72/24Gbps Throughput, 4 x 1000BaseTx & 4 x SFP inputs (older model)


GPON LIM, 8 [4] x 2.5Gbps GPON SFP ports


GePON LIM, 8 x 1.25Gbps GePON SFP ports


GePON LIM, 4 x 1.25Gbps GePON SFP ports

ONU Software

CC3500 Series

Suits CC3542-GB and CC3542B Layer 3 GPON Home Gateway devices (with/without VoIP)

CC3900 Series

Suits CC3942 (-ES, -ELH, W-ES) Layer 3 GePON Home Gateway devices with VoIP

CC3800 Series

Suits CC3804-TN and CC3804-TNS Layer 2 GePON ONU