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Hosted VPN Service

To get a new VPN service setup you need to first complete and return a Fixed IP Service Application Form. Please ensure that you fill out all details and sign the form. Return the form to or fax it to 07 3890 1156.

Cybertec Setup

Ugrade Cybertec Modem

In The Cybertec Web interafce, navigate to System Information

Cybertec-menu-system.gif Cybertec-menu-system-information.gif

Check that your firware is the current version. If you have an older version of firmware,
download the latest version from here. Choose correct version based on your hardware.

Upgrade to the latest Firmware. For help with upgrading see Upgrading Firmware

Uploading Config File

Navigate to:

Cybertec-menu-system.gif Cybertec-menu-system-backup upgrade.gif

Under "Restore a saved configuration" Browse to the Setup Config file you received and upload it to the Cybertec modem. Reboot the modem to save the new configuration.


Once the Modem has rebooted, log in to the web interface and make sure that there are no alarms, and that the VPN is enabled with No Fault.

No Alarms.PNG

Cisco VPN Client Setup

To access the VPN you must set up a client to connect to it.

Download the correct Cisco VPN Client for your system.

Windows 7/Vista/XP 32 bit
Windows 7/Vista/XP 64 bit

Once your modem has been provisioned, you will be sent a .pcf config file that will enable you to connect to your VPN.

Import this into the Cisco VPN client and then click connect.

IOS VPN Client Setup

It is also possible to access the VPN via an IOS device (iPad/iPhone)

Step 1 - Go to Settings App > General > Network > VPN (Note: Once you have completed the setup, the VPN will be available from the initial settings page)


Step 2 - Select IPSec Connection and enter the settings provided. (If you need the the settings please email your name and contact number to with Subject: VPN IOS Setup and we will contact you and provide the information needed.)


Step 3 - Select your configuration and press switch the button to ON.


Step 4 - If successful, the VPN Status will show connected and the connection time. You are now connected to the VPN.